Beautiful destination that you cannot ignore when traveling to Vung Tau city, Vietnam

Beautiful destination that you cannot ignore when traveling to Vung Tau city, Vietnam

  1. Statue of Christ

Statue of Christ

It is considered as a symbol of Vung Tau City also appears regularly in the photos of any visitors traveling to Vung Tau. The statue is 32 meters in height and its length is 18.4 meters. And to get on to the two arms of the statue of Christ, you have to move by a spiral staircase about 133 steps inside the statue. Especially, when coming to the top of the statue, the scenery will come into your view. You can see the Vung Tau city from the height of statue.

  1. Vung Tau lighthouse

Vung Tau lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse is well known for its iconic city. It is located on the top of Nho Mountain, Ward 2, Vung Tau City. The road to the lighthouse is quite deserted and peaceful. So, you will not be too difficult to get to the Vung Tau lighthouse. From here, you can catch the sight of Vung Tau city hidden in the mist, the crescent-shaped beach, and Minh Dam mountain. Or just looking down, the bright forest flowers highlights the solidity of the lighthouse.

  1. Green Rocks Lake

Green Rock Lake

It is one of the new destinations in Vung Tau that no one knows it. Green Rocks Lake located in Tan Thanh district which is near Dinh mountain slope. On the left, there are many rocky lakes stretching from Ba Ria to Chau Pha, Toc Tien. Green Rocks lake is a unique place for you to take photos. If you visit the behind area, you can stand on the majestic scenic to or go straight to the area to take photos. Paying attention that this area is quite dangerous and you should not bath here.

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  1. Hon Ba

Hon Ba island in Vung Tau

Hon Ba is far from Ho Chi Minh City center about 100 kilometers. Hon Ba is a block of rocky mountains that is not very high and only located a few hundred meters from the coast. This is the place which is known as the famous road leading to the sea in Vietnam. Hon Ba is a small island with a relatively small area in Bai Sau of Vung Tau City. On the island, there is an important historical vestige. It is Hon Ba Temple in the heart of the island. When the tide is low, tourists can go along the expanses of rock to Hon Ba.

  1. Tien stream ( Suoi Tien)

Tien Stream in Vung Tau

Suoi Tien situates about 85 km from Saigon to Tan Hai Commune (Ba Ria – Vung Tau), along the winding road, there is a rugged rocky road challenging for teenagers. It has not only beauty of nature but also the beauty of the country. You can see the streams like visionary paintings. Tien stream is also a paradise for you to experience interesting activities such as putting up a tent, discover the nature, or enjoy the barbecue next to the cool stream.

  1. White rabbit entertainment

Tho Trang Park

White rabbit park has many interesting and exciting games. It will definitely be an attractive entertainment in Vung Tau that the children love. Here, you will experience 17 special games and over 30 extremely fun free games. X-games or light games are available for both kids and adults. I will recommend some typical games for you such as coloring statue, riding an electric bike, fishing, car crash, roller coaster, cable car, UFO, max air and so on.

  1. Mui Nghinh Phong

Nghinh Phong Island

Nghinh Phong is the longest land in the southern part of Vung Tau Peninsula. this is the place that is windy during four seasons so that this land is called “Nghinh Phong”. Nghinh Phong creates two beaches Vong Nguyet beach and Huong Phong beach – two big bays in the west and east of Vung Tau. Visitors find Mui Nghinh Phong as a place to rest, relax after hard working days. The water here is clean and fresh and the air is also fresh and cool.

  1. Pig Hill

Pig Hill in Vung Tau

When you hear this name, you can imagine that its name is quite funny. However, its scene is not the same as its name. Nowadays, Pig Hill become an exciting destination for fun, sightseeing, and photography. Pig Hill has the wild beauty.

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