How to Save Money on Luxury Items

When it comes to the modern economy, the term ‘disposable income’ is becoming almost a myth. With interest rates rising and employment dropping, fewer people have any spare money for the items they once used to enjoy.

However, just because you can’t live a life of luxury doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy luxurious items. Below are some great ways to help you stretch your lemonade dollar to get you a glass of champagne.


That’s right! Coupons! However, if you’re thinking of the old paper style coupons which you cut out of the newspapers and magazines to take to the supermarket, then it’s time to update your thinking. Sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Victoria’s Secret is taking over the world. By offering deep discounts on luxury items, coupons are a great way for you to save money on items you usually wouldn’t be able to afford.

Group Discounts

Did you know that your local day spa is likely to offer you a discount on their treatments if you can arrange a group of a set number or more? While it may take a bit of organizing, social media tools make it easy for you to connect with like-minded friends who would also be interested in saving some serious money on a beauty treatment or massage.

Change Your Dates

The fact that your favorite luxury hotel or resort charges premium prices during the peak periods is never going to change. However, what you can change are the dates that you travel. Look around online for deals on flights and hotels for dates just outside the peak periods. While you can’t expect the same weather conditions, booking just outside of the period will mean that you can still enjoy the experience, just at a lower price.

Sign Up!

While you may not take advantage of all of the sales and offers which will be provided through email mailing lists, if you take the time to filter through them you are likely to find a gem. Whether it’s a last-minute booking offer at a discounted rate or a discount for booking a set number of days or nights, if there is a service that you enjoy, sign up to their mailing list and pay attention.


Of course, if all else fails, renting never fails! If you are heading out for a group dinner date and want to impress or you are on your way to a business meeting and want to project the business person you want to become, luxury clothing and jewelry items are freely available for rent. While the idea may seem strange, for the examples mentioned just above, renting a piece of jewelry or item of clothing is a perfect choice.

Just because you can’t afford full-time luxury doesn’t mean that you can’t step your toe into the luxurious waters every now and again, you just have to be creative in your thinking and know where to look. So the next time that you have a taste for a little luxury, take these tips into accoutn and enjoy!

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