The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh


Owning many mineral water mines, Quang Ninh – an attractive beach destination is also known for its many hot mineral baths. Hot mineral bathing not only brings relaxation, comfort but is also a favorite therapy of many people.

#1.Quang Hanh hot spring

This is one of the 7 famous hot springs in the North and is suitable for soaking in both winter and summer. Quang Hanh mineral spring is located in Quang Hanh ward, Cam Pha city, about 10km from the center of Ha Long City.

For a long time, Quang Hanh hot spring has been a familiar hot mineral bathing place of Cam Pha people in Ha Long. Even, visitors on the way to visit Uong Bi, Quan Lan or Co… also come here to take a dip relax when they have an opportunity.

The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh
Quang Hanh  – The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh

Quang Hanh hot mineral spring is the hot mineral source rising to the ground (and forming streams), which is different from those which are drilled hundreds of meters deep to exploit as some other localities. Mineral water has a temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius, the salinity is quite high.

The heat radiates and the hot water will quickly make you feel relaxed. Scientists say that hot mineral baths are good for health, help to prevent some skin and bone- related diseases.

In Quang Hanh Hot Spring, you can choose to soak in hot mineral water or pure mud in your individual tub or in outdoor pools. In the summer, hot mineral bath helps you relax muscles. When it is freezing, soaking in the hot tank is a good way to repel the trembling and the cold.

#2. Dia Chat (Geology) Hot Spring

Dia Chat (Geology) Hot Spring is also located in the territory of Cam Pha city like Quang Hanh hot mineral spring. Today, this hot mineral zone is located in Geology Hot Mineral Nursing center of more than 1 ha wide  (built and operated in the 2000s).

The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh
Dia Chat – The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh

With a high proportion of bromine (49% of total mineral content), Geology hot mineral is one of the three most famous Bromine mineral water locations in the world. The water in this mineral spring has the highest temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and is extracted from the hot water source at well 28 at the depth of 214m, the total mineralization accounts for 23%.

Mineral water in Geology hot spring helps to relax the nerves, regulate sleep, reduce fatigue, aches, and pains, stimulate digestion, quickly recover the muscles and bone functions … If Quang Hanh is a famous and familiar hot mineral bathing place, Geology is the hot mineral area with the most professional services.

There are nearly 30 rooms of hot mineral bathing services combined with physical therapy (massage, acupressure massage in the traditional methods of Vietnam, China …) on this site.

#3.Tien Yen hot spring

The hot mineral water circuit in Dai Thanh commune, Tien Yen district is an ideal resort. It is quite wild and has not been exploited and invested for tourism. Therefore, Tien Yen hot mineral spring is not as famous as Quang Hanh or Geology hot mineral springs, but it is an attractive destination for those who love to explore new lands.

The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh
Tien Yen – The Best Hot Mineral Springs in Quang Ninh

What is unique is that, during the journey to Tien Yen hot mineral spring, nature will treat you with a lot of beautiful scenery. It’s a hollowed-up hill, a small winding trail, terraced fields bending over the hills, some small simple houses …

It takes visitors about an hour to walk from the center of Dai Thanh Commune to Tien Yen Hot Spring. The hot mineral water is located at the foot of the terraced rice field; therefore, it is buried by the soil during cultivation. This hot mineral source was discovered accidentally by farmers in the process of farming.

According to the geological survey, this is a mineral water tank of the type Bicarbonate – Sodium has enough reserve to build a hot mineral water bath resort. With a temperature of 40 – 42 degrees Celsius, this water circuit is also ideal for visitors to soak themselves to relax and recover their health.

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